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November/December 2014 E-News

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Our Xmas story concludes with a fantastic end in the Professional Rising Star
Smooth category where six very talented couples were called for the final all
looking beautiful and in good form. In the end Slava Stefanov & Jessica McMorrow
from Washington, placed third in all dances, leaving the second place position to
a Canadian couple who not long ago were one of Canada’s finest Latin couples
and who just about six months ago decided to take on this Smooth challenge,
Dmitry Ilyushenov & Kateryna Stytsenko,

they placed second in three dances and
first in the foxtrot. Dmitry & Katerina were lovely last night and well deserving of
their placement, however, we should never know what would have happened if the
new Rising Star Smooth Champions, Mariusz ZakrzewskHC14-Linnsayi & Lynnsay
Ray had not had to miss their foxtrot due to a costume malfunction – to say the
least! Yes you heard it right, this is not a story this is the truth.

During their excellent performance he or she got caught in the dress – he
fell down and she was so tangled up in the dress she could not “tango on” (to
quote Al Pacino) A tug-of-war began between her and the desperate audience that
were trying to pull her out of her entanglement. At one point several people were
tugging and trying to cut her out of her dress to the point that she began to cry
knowing her foxtrot was nearly over.

The music man tried going a little longer but
it was no use, her dress half torn off, won the night.

In the end a bystander showed up with some scissors and Lynnsay was released but it was too late, She only danced about a quarter of the foxtrot apparently good enough for the judges who
awarded her second overall. Only one judge felt compelled to award these lovely
dancers a first place mark and that was Toni Redpath and so their marks in this
dance varied from first to last.

After this unusual struggle was over, the
lady returned with more than half her
dress gone but graciously they continued
and not only won the VW but won the
competition overall, giving us all an unfor-
gettable Xmas story to tell about the
Holiday Classic last night. You could feel
the emotions from the judges and down
to the audience when they were called
out the winners overall. It was great for all
present and a night that I was glad to witness
from beginning to end.

At the end the celebrations continued in our little suite where all the conversation one way or another went in that direction. So even the mice were all running around feeling great about the judges, the audience, the competitors and even the organizers who worked very hard to put this excellent Holiday competition
together for us all to enjoy.

Written by – Dance Beat Team


Thank you to all our Elite students
and Instructors who represented
Elite so well and placed fantastic.
With your hard work, dedication
and love for dance, yet again we
won another top studio award!

Benefits of Dancing

-Boosts memory
-Improves flexibility and reduces stiffness
-Reduces stress
-Lifts your spirit
-Helps your heart health, breathing, and quality of life
-Losing weight and increase aerobic power
-Better balances, good posture, and control of body
-Increase energy level
-More fun than getting on the treadmil

New Group Classes

Argentine Tango is back! Every Friday at 6:45 starting 12/12/14 taught by the amazing Judy and John
Booty Blast is be offered two days a week. Wednesdays at 6:45 and Saturdays at 11:30 taught by our very own Angel.
If you’re not a member yet ask us how to become a member and be part of our Elite Dance Family…

Yet Another Big Win!

2014 Smooth Rising Star Champions Mariusz Zakrzewski & Lynnsay Ray

The new studio on the block is catching fire winning the California Star Ball 2014 Rising Star Smooth Championship this weekend. California Star Ball put a crown on our own Mariusz & Lynnsay Ray as they their way to the top taking first in all four dances. This was the first win and professional competition for this newly formed partnership, proving they are a force to be reckoned with. They are looking forward to competing and seeing you at their next competition Holiday Classic hosted here in Las Vegas.
“This was my first professional win and I am very happy to know that my hard work is being recognized among my peers and community.”—Lynnsay
“I have to say that I am very excited to work with my new partnership and looking on to represent Elite Dance Studio as THE best studio in Las Vegas.”—Mariusz

Say Hello to our Pro/Am Rising Start World Champion!

Mariusz Zakrzewski and Joanne Tatem competed in Ohio Star Ball November 20th and came home with the title -Pro/Am Rising Star Smooth Champion in the B division. They were also selected as the Pro/Am couple to represent the west side in the Team Match which is a great honor! Out of 50 Pro/Am couples they made semi-final in the Team Match category.

Looking Ahead!

Looking Ahead! Music Around the World Showcase will be ….. Saturday, February 7th……Doors open at 5:00pm Sign Up Today!

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Dancers Corner

Where are the Men…???

“Where are the men?” is a question often asked to the adult dance parties and group classes I’ve attended over the past 15 years. The easy answer is that they don’t like to dance and prefer less vulnerable activities to pursue in their free time. Many people speculate that men don’t want to look silly doing something, or that they don’t like feeling awkward and clumsy. I can certainly understand where this is the case. Putting one’s ego on the line is a challenge none of us like to take.
But, the truth is much deeper than this easy explanation. In Europe, lots of men dance with their wives and partners, usually at least once a week. The same is also true for Canadians. I am told there are restaurants, clubs and other venues expressly offering a night out for dancing. Unless you are in South Florida for Salsa or in North Myrtle Beach for the Shag, one is not likely to find this same phenomenon. (Obviously giving credit due to Lynn’s Speakeasy and Johnny’s Hideaway for Shag night, there aren’t many places to dance that aren’t studios).

There are notable exceptions as well with free style dancing. Younger people go to clubs and free style as part of the normal 20-something courtship ritual. In the Latin communities,

Salsa dancing is pervasive and the best male dancers are revered by men and women alike. Argentine Tango aficionados can be found in every culture and community, being connected by their passion for Tango. The best male dancers in this world are elevated to an even higher status due to their abilities to “lead and follow: with an intoxicating effect.
So, why are US men who do not fall into the Latin or Argentine categories so bashful? Is it that once a male turns 30 or gets married he loses his rhythm or his machismo? The more complex answer is actually more likely that our culture is the culprit. This is itself fascinating because such a large percentage of the US population claims European heritage. However, a darker part of our US cultural evolution emanates from our Puritan heritage. These folks didn’t dance at all and they scorned anyone with a bit of fun in their personalities (anyone remember “The Scarlet Letter?”)
The point being that in addition to having a cultural hangover of Puritan condemnation for any expression of freedom, we men also have dark suspicion that if we dance and enjoy it, we might be less of a man…Better to be bashing into each other on the football field or chasing a little white golf ball around the links than get caught dancing!

I say “Malarkey” to all of that! The truths are that women love men who dance with them. They love the “lead and follow” element of dancing that has no other equivalent behavior. They love the suggestion that a man who dances well-attentively, creatively, and passionately-will have similar qualities in other couples activities with dancing being the best indicator of how he’ll perform.
If any men need a role model, go to a Salsa club and see who gets the prettiest girls. Go to an Argentine Tango Milonga and see how the men are more likely to be flirted with by the women hoping for a dance with their favorite. These are unmistakably machismo events, and are the remaining place in our amorphous culture where it’s OK for men to be men and women to be women, and these differences are celebrated and rejoiced.
Lastly, feeling gawky when learning anything is completely normal, so that is not an excuse not to dance. Has anyone felt at ease hitting a golf ball for the first time? It’s doubtful. So, the sooner men get over their ego’s resistance to looking silly the better because it doesn’t matter to your dance partner. She just wants to dance. And as a man learns how to “lead and follow” with connection, attention, creativity and passion, his whole world will start to change. I guarantee it!